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The 2013 Alpine Village News

Spring Edition

April 10, 2013 I stopped putting the News on our site because about the only thing I had on the news was the winners at Shuffle Board. I was asked today if I would start the news back. What I'm going to do is not put the shuffle board winners on the News, since there is a shuffle board page already on our site. I will put news on as I get it. There were two thing that happen this week I need to let everyone know. I was told Paul Jaynes, who rented Marylin Hohney's trailer this winter, fell and cracked two vertebrae. I also was told that Rossie Tucker's son died unexpectedly this past week. We need to keep Paul and Rossie in our prayers.
April 12, 2013Jackie Gunderson is still in rehab. She had to cancel her Cruise
April 14, 2013Dale Chaple just gave me a photo he took in March. Building of the Shuffle Board Benches. I didn't know where to post it so I'm going to put it here.
May 24, 2013I have some bad news to pass along. Marilyn Hohne passed away today at 1:00PM
July 8, 2013        
Finally I have good news to report
. From Merle Garritano and Maxine Swisher. Dick was taken off dialysis about 2 weeks ago and is doing better. We want to thank everyone for all their prayers and help. He had three stents put in while at Cleveland Clinic this past May 15th, in addition to the two stents while in Florida. Maxine is fine. We hope to see you this winter, but will have to play it by ear. Miss you all and best of health to all of you.
October 3, 2013
I've been told the wasp are bad this year. Be careful when you get back to the park especially opening your shutters and around your bushes.
October 15, 2013We got some bad news today. Tom Leedy has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They are waiting at this time for a treatment plan. Tom needs your prayers.
October 20, 2013
I just found out that Don and Jean Reynold's Son past away this week. I don't have any details except I was told he was only 62.